Mobile Minute: Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, and Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon Banner

I used to write reviews on nearly every Android or IOS game I spent more than an hour on, but I’ve fallen behind lately, so here's my first round at some reviews. I’ll spend a minute writing about each game, hopefully summarizing my thoughts as quickly as if I were telling you about a mobile game in person.

Temple Run 2

This is a great improvement over the original game, with some rather pretty graphics laid over a less buggy game engine, but I feel like the game has major progression issues. Like in many other mobile games, you’re given a few short term goals to keep you playing, but Temple Run 2’s goals quickly change into missions that would literally take weeks of playing. Right now, my goals are to collect 500,000 lifetime coins, 1,000,000 lifetime coins, and run 1,000,000 lifetime meters. I have no energy for that at this point.

Subway Surfers

I found this after looking for a game like Temple Run but geared difficulty-wise a bit better for my four year old. He’s fallen in love with it, and I must admit it is a nice alternative. The objectives are easy to explain to my kid, and the controls are pretty spot on. It’s a very colorful game with some silly animations, but Subway Surfers is a bit too simple to keep me entertained for long stretches.

Super Hexagon

From the creator VVVVVV comes Super Hexagon, an insane, seizure inducing game with only two controls: move left and right. All you do is guide a little block of pixels around obstacles as the game’s walls constantly close in on you. It’s absolutely hectic, and the first time I survived one minute on Hard difficulty, I jumped for joy. By the way, the game’s starting difficulties are Hard, Harder, and Hardest.